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How to do web 2.0 submission:

how to do web 2.0 backlink submission


Last updated Apr 28, 2020

I’m sure this informative article about Web 2.0 submission will genuinely help you to enlist your blogs & businesses!

If you have recently established your new website this could be the perfect approach to build quality backlinks in virtually no time.

Building Backlinks could be a time-consuming procedure, So choose your friends, enemy, and web 2.0 backlinks wisely and get the most out of it.

Getting natural backlinks is one of the SEO strategies to boost traffic and, eventually, the ranking of a website or blog in SERPs.

What is Web 2.0 Submission?

Web 2.0 is simply a buzzword that refers to the websites that work on user-generated content. Read my detailed article about what is Web 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0?

WEB 2.0 link building is a technique to earn high-quality backlinks from web 2.0 social networking sites rather than custom hosted websites.

Few examples of web 2.0 sites for building backlinks are WordPress, Wix, Tumbler, Blogger, yola etc. You can also have a look at List of Social Web 2.0 Network sites ⇐ here posted on Wikipedia.

These sites include High Page Rank provides do-follow links and have good PA which will ultimately benefit you.

Why do web 2.0 submissions?

Here are some Significance of web 2.0 sites:

  • It gives you a platform to post your blog or create a micro-website.
  • Utilizing web 2.0 sites for link building is an easy and fast method to rank low competition keywords.
  • Web 2.0 sites have a higher rate of engagement of people in online websites
  • You have complete control over your links.
  • You can build as many links as you want.
  • It helps in building the Page Authority (PA).
  • Along with the authority, you also get a relevant link.
  • DoFollow links – Most of the websites provide do-follow links.


Before I get started to follow my Dos & Don’t

Such, practice should be seen as a part of a balanced web 2.0 SEO strategy and you should only be engaging yourself into this as far as you are prepared to put in the effort.

Do not buy web 2.0 sites for backlinks you are more likely to hurt your ranking than help, it can easily make you a victim of Google Penguin Algorithm.

Since anyone can create a web 2.0 and place a link, the value of these links is lower. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on them completely as your sole link building tactic!

PR links are the way to go, but web 2.0s are great “supporting” links. Web 2.0s alone won’t get you crazy rankings in a competitive niche but are still worth the time as long as they are quality.

Focus on the quality rather than the quantity. One Backlink from an authoritative high-quality site will provide more ranking juice than 100 poorly ones.


Anything that can be manipulated easily; no longer works in 2020.

  • Excessive backlinking is a bad SEO practice in 2020. Creating web 2.0s for the sole purpose of placing a backlink is a gray hat tactic.
  • If Google suspects you are using gray-hat tactics to benefit from web 2.0 links without adding value, to page visitors there are great chances you will get penalized.
  • I strongly recommend NOT posting the same piece of content/article on multiple Web 2.0 blogging sites, by doing this so will not make any SEO link juice benefits.
  • Always remember, every single piece of content must offer some value to its visitors.
  • Single-page web 2.0s are more likely to get deleted. Google will give more weight to a link that is from a site filled with useful content. That is, compared to a site that has one piece of content.
  • 5-10 posts per web 2.0 are stellar, but even 2-3 posts can do the job.

Does web 2.0 Submission still work in SEO?

Now there must be a question arising in your mind does this web 2.0 submission really work?

Not as easy & effective as it used to be in the past, they are useless now in 2020. However if done in a correct way, It plays a vital role in Link building. It is a slow and steady process and an important part of off-page SEO tactics.

Creating new accounts using automated tools software, spun, or repeated content, Link wheeling does not work anymore.

So, The answer is Yes!

How to do web 2.0 submission?

Now there are two methods to create a successful web 2.0 submission strategy for backlinks, First is free profile creation in PR sites which usually provides a no-follow link.

You generally shouldn’t bother with web 2.0 link building until your company has a branded social presence and you can totally skip this.

Second is posting unique content on every single website from the list.

Complete Your Profiles on the Major Sites: Your first action while building links to your website is to assign, your business, blog, or website a social presence on as many as relevant web 2.0 sites. This will help & guide your audience to more resources on your offerings while providing a more comprehensive and therefore authoritative footprint online.

At the very least, every company should complete the following:

  • GMB – Google My Business
  • Facebook Fan page
  • Instagram profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Twitter Handle

Add relevant information and definitely provide a link to your homepage or an appropriate landing page. Include over 100-120 words on what your business does and what stands you apart from your competitors.

These new personal profiles should disclose the connection to your company but they should ideally be represented by your real name to add to the perception of legitimacy.

It is a big NO to post the same website description or what does your company do on multiple Web 2.0 social platforms.

Don’t do it. It’s your wastage of time and efforts

The perfect strategy to build web 2.0 backlinks

In this guide, I will teach you how to build the best strategy to build Web 2.0 backlinks in 2020



Content Creation: Create 10 articles roughly around 500 words.
Content must be unique fresh unique and readable.
Try embedding videos, infographics, and images if possible related to your niche.


Selecting Platforms: Choose Best 10 Web 2.0 sites from the list.

Start by looking at where your competition get their web 2.0 links using a tool like
Sign up and set up Web 2.0 accounts.

While signing up keep in mind to

  • include your keyword in the subdomain name
  • Use Separate Emails For Web 2.0
  • Do not share an email address with your site domain or the same email used to register Google products like Analytics and AdWords for security purposes as well.
  • After each successful signup, do not forget to save login credentials in an excel or google spreadsheet so that, it can be used for future reference.


Customize them like a real blog with good looking themes
Create some mandatory pages like about, contact, copyright, etc.


After completing the first three steps and dedicating the needed time to them,
Now Post your created unique content/articles on each Web 2.0 platform, which you have previously chosen from the list.

#Gentle Reminder: Do not post the same content to each site. (This is important!)
Share your content on Google Plus, if it is possible to share with other social media also.
Leave the site for one-two weeks and come back and link it to your site.


After all your hard work, you deserve to place your link first. Always insert into a different spot in every web 2.0, but try to keep it near the top of the article.

you can branch out your online presence with pages that appear like third-party entities but are actually affiliated with your site. This is the traditional face of web 2.0 backlinking and it is also the most tricky.

You can use keyword inside blog posts – along with a do-follow attribute on links for better SEO juice.

Diversify your link profile

  • URL instead of keywords
  • You can anchor these contextual links with keyword text but do not do this more than twice every 200 words.
  • Always try to strike a balance between self-promotion and subtlety to avoid penalties.

This Web 2.0 link building strategy is fantastic, it will help your site to get relevant backlinks from high authority web 2.0 sites. If you are looking to push your domain or page authority this is the way to go.

I hope it’ll help you to build your backlinks using this strategy. I don’t think I skipped anything out, but if you think I should also add some points to even make it better Feel free to leave your suggestions, comments & questions below!

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